AJ Artisan Jewellery

AJ Artisan Jewellery


Wearable art jewellery; mixed precious metals combined with gemstone beads; knitted sterling-silver-wire cuffs and earrings;
Affordable and inspirational unique work.

I have been making jewellery since I was a young child, my mother clearly remembers me stringing beads as a 4 year old and I loved playing with my aunts broken necklaces, a couple of which I treasure to this day.

I made my own wedding jewellery and often altered pieces of costume jewellery to suit my preferences and to give to friends. After a career in the National Health Service, I re-trained and used the opportunity to unleash my creative side.

Now, I can't imagine not making Jewellery, I dream about wire and gemstone beads and the shapes they can make. Wire is a fascinating medium with which to work and colour is key in all my work, the way the colour combines with another frequently inspires me to the next combination and so on. As well as using traditional silversmith techniques, I'm excited to experiment with techniques that I am familiar with as well as those that are new - my passion just increases!